The following email letters are all written in English.
All handles about peoples from Central Africa and Europe which all have got the same kind problem with their money.
They will show you that they are very rich and their problem with the money is another one:
They will find with your help a way to replace Million US-DOLLARS outside of danger.
It seems that you should be paid very good, but at the end problems makes it necessary to invest a lumpsum of some $1000 from your own money.
Not so much in aware of YOUR PART OF THE MILLIONS you get for help!

The hole story seems in fact to be so much real in our crazy world, but be sure you never get One US-DOLLAR ($).

So problem with the money is in fact, that they have nothing to spend for your help and in difference they will catch a lot of money from you if possible.
It is not sure what happen with your health and life. But on TV (RTL "Die Reportage Spezial") was talked about some peoples which were never seen after traveling to Amsterdam to clear the Million $´s.

Please by sure, that the message in this letter is not real. It was written to find peoples who are stupid enough to loss money finally at the end of transaction. But they will never see "THE BIG MONEY!"